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MomsEveryday: Bedbugs Video included


We've all heard those horror stories of getting away for a vacation - and coming back with bed bugs. MomsEveryday correspondent Annie Payne explains what to look for to keep this from happening to your family More>>

MomsEveryday: Employment for Teens


It's not always easy finding employment when you're a teenager, but as Moms Everyday correspondent Melanie Bloom shows us - technology is making it easier. More>>

MomsEveryday: Burrito Recipe


You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and MomsEveryday correspondent Taryn Vanderford has this great recipe. More>>

Family Focus: Moving In


Incoming freshman were greeted by a staff of helpers today as the moving in process began. But, for many parents, dropping their kids off at college is a first, so it's important to know exactly what to pack and what to leave behind and how to let them go.


Family Focus: Communicating With Children


Children used to be told not to speak until spoken to. Those days are long gone. More>>

Family Focus: Teen Drivers Costing You More


If your teen is learning to drive, keep one hand on your wallet, it might cost you more than you think. More>>

Family Focus: Baby Crib Safety


Your baby's crib should be the safest place for them to sleep, so what should expecting parents look for when buying their first crib? More>>

Family Focus: Children With Severe Allergies

Allergy research is constantly progressing and changing. That's why parents that have children with severe allergies need to be aware of them. More>>

Family Focus: Athletes Coming Out

Now that NBA basketball player Jason Collins has come out as a gay professional athlete, this could open the door for others. Parents can feel comfort knowing their college student athlete will be judged only More>>

Family Focus: Talking To Your Kids About Alcohol

There are many reasons why your teenager would turn to alcohol; to fit in, satisfy curiosity, or to feel grown up. But it's important for you to explain to them why they shouldn't. "Talk more about why. More>>

Family Focus: Tracking Your Kids

Times are changing. Kids are getting smartphones and tablets at a very young age. But it's a good thing! You can stay in constant communication with them. But how about tracking every move they make and More>>

Family Focus: Child Abuse Awareness Month

Child abuse prevention is something North Dakota takes very seriously and there is help out there if you're a struggling parent. "Even parents that aren't struggling, there's help out there. Parents need support," More>>

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