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Inside Business: Annex 208/Right on Broadway

The retail environment was so good in downtown Bismarck for one store owner she decided that, instead of adding more merchandise to her store, she`d open a brand new one. Right on Broadway and Annex 208 are two new stores that share the same main entrance, but offer two very different shopping experiences, depending on which way you turn when you come in. You could say the guys got annexed, and the gals are always right.

"I just wanted a relaxed atmosphere, just to quick shop for men`s stuff and enjoy a shopping experience," said Ray Bergquist with Annex 208.

"We decided we wanted to give it a completely different feel and different atmosphere and a little bit different clientele," said Michelle Kaufman.

Kaufman opened Hey Ocean, a women`s clothing store on Broadway, about two years ago. Since then, she`s had an increased demand for handbags, shoes, and other accessories.

"Rather than try and stuff all of that into one store, we decided a whole separate outlet might be a nice way to do that."

But this space, just two doors down from Hey Ocean, was originally too big. So Kaufman and her associate Ray Bergquist split the store in half, creating Right on Broadway for the ladies, and Annex 208 for the guys.

"It was a good fit to have a men`s shop downtown for casual wear. It`s never really been done before downtown," Bergquist said.

Annex 208 is not only the newest, it`s also the only men`s clothing store in downtown Bismarck, and they offer accessories, including sunglasses, jeans and t-shirts, all the way up to casual business wear.

"The inventory should be coming weekly. We keep ordering fresh new products," Bergquist said.

Both stores target young professionals, and the proprietors strive to offer merchandise you won`t find anywhere else.

"We`re shooting for more the mid to high end so we`re trying to carry brands that no one else is carrying and really trying to seek out the high-quality, good, long-lasting leather products," Kaufman said.

Both owners say Bismarck`s growing downtown is a good place to be.

You can learn more about the stores online at and

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