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Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: Boot and Sneaker Dryer

Kids can spend hours playing outside in the snow, but when they come in, they're one wet mess. Well, there may be a quick and easy way to dry out the snow gear at a push of a button. In this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It," I tried out the Boot and Sneaker Dryer.

When there's all this snow, you can't pass up the opportunity to go sledding. But, when you're all done, you have all the wet snow gear to take care of. Well, the Boot and Sneaker Dryer may work for you.

But, will it actually dry your wet boots and gloves? Well, "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It."

It is recess time at Jefferson Childhood Center in Minot. For all the kids, that means fun in the snow.

"They're obsessed with playing out in the snow, so they are making snow balls or making snow angels," said Jefferson Childhood Center Teacher Mallory DeLullo.

When they come back inside, they line the hallways and classrooms with all of their winter gear.

DeLullo said, "They'll complain that their gloves are really wet and, sometimes, when they take off their boots, their socks will be wet."

So, we decided to try out the Boot and Sneaker Dryer.

"If every kid had one or something like that, we could dry all our things. They would go home and the stuff would be dry," said DeLullo.

There is a little assembly required. You will need four D batteries and a screwdriver.

"I had trouble taking the screws off to get the batteries in, so I had to call for help."

It took three of us to get the four batteries into the Boot and Sneaker Dryer. As we opened up the final battery cover, we got a little surprise.

"Oh, look out, it's on," said DeLullo. "We've got heat."

Once the batteries were in, it was time to adjust the pegs for the boots.

"I think that would be the perfect height for the kids."

Then, it was finally time to try out. DeLullo walked Brooklyn inside from recess.

"Can I have your shoes? We're going to try to dry them off. Let's put it on," said DeLullo.

They heard the dryer running, but it didn't dry the boots.

DeLullo said, "The air that is blowing out was really cold, so I think that it wouldn't be very good for drying."

This is not a sturdy and durable product. When I put my gloves on it, it fell apart. Even after leaving it turned on for several minutes, it continued to blow out cold air.

So, this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It" earns a thumbs down.

If there are any "As Seen on TV" products you would like to test out, contact me via email at or send me a message on Facebook.

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