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Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: Swivel Store

When you go to find spices or other types of cooking ingredients in your kitchen cabinet, it can be one cluttered mess. But, there may be a way to get rid of all the clutter and save space too.

In this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It," I tried out Swivel Store, the spice organizer.

When you go to find your favorite spices and seasonings, you usually can't find what you're looking for. Well, this may work a little bit better for you. It's called the Swivel Store and it promises to help with all of your cabinet clutter.

But, will it really keep your spices organized? Well, "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It."

They come in all flavors and sizes.

"A lot of times, they'll just have a stack of seasonings and spice jars in there," said Gourmet Chef employee Paul Stroklund.

When it comes to finding what you're looking for in your cabinet, it becomes one big cluttered mess.

Stroklund said, "What happens is all the spice jars end up on the counter."

We decided to put one of those cabinet organizers to the test. The Swivel Store spice organizer sells for about $20 and promises to organize your spices in a small space.

"Sometimes you'll get a flimsy plastic," explains Stroklund. "We'll just have to see how good the plastic is and what type of quality."

After reading over the directions, it didn't explain what the metal strips were for. We assumed they were for added support. So, we went ahead and placed them on the Swivel Store, helping to make it a little sturdier. Finally, it was time for the spices.

Stroklund said, "That's a smaller seasoning. The traditional seasoning won't fit. So, you got to have all the same size containers to fit in it."

Once we had the spices lined up, it was time to put in the cabinet.

"Depending on how the shelves are set up, it's a little high for two shakers to be in the cabinet," said Stroklund.

There wasn't enough room to put the Swivel Store in the cabinet without rearranging everything. And, there is no way to secure it in place.

"I'm thinking what's going to happen is somebody's going to pull this out and the thing is going to come out of the cupboard," said Stroklund.

As expected, all of the spices fell on the floor.

The Swivel Store didn't do such a great job. We were only able to put a few spices in the organizer and had to leave out many of our favorites, which is not exactly what they advertise on TV. I guess I'm going to have to try my best to stay organized. So, this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It," earns a thumbs down.

If there are any "As Seen on TV" products you would like to test out, contact me via email at or send me a message on Facebook.

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