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Do It Yourself: Making Your Old Grill Look Like New

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Hi folks I'm Jeff from Kirkwood Ace Hardware. This is the time of year when people want to grill and I would love to sell you one of these Weber grills, but if you have one of these older ones, it's probably just fine. It may have given you ten to fifteen years of life.

This one is about 15 years old. It's a classic Weber grill, there are thousands of them out there and although it looks like this grill is shot, the flavorizer bars are shot some of them are in pieces, and this one was just thrown away. But it's just fine, the housing is fine the burners are fine and with a few simple steps you can do yourself you can make this grill just like new.

These are the flavorizer bars in a Weber grill, these are what hold the flavor and heat in and also gives you charcoal flavor. People think you get the charcoal flavor from charcoal. Not true, it comes from hot grease hitting that hot surface. But as you can see these are in the fire all the time and they're destroyed. And you see a lot of what looks like peeling paint on the roof of the grill, that is not peeling paint that is cooking grease that got bakes on and if you see as we get under the cooking grease there is the original porcelain finish. So the top and housing is in perfect shape.

And you just discard them. There will be a lot of debris and grease built up and even though in the Weber manual it tells you not to use oven cleaner on these grills, that's simply because they're afraid of hurting the finish but you can use it on an older grill like this.

Weber still has parts for just about all their grills and most of them are available on a retail shelf. The choices are solid stainless steel or porcelain. The housing actually has a 25 year warranty and this one had a double layer of flavorizer bars and there's no secret to installing these, they just set right in. Porcelain is easier to clean, the stainless last longer but they look black quicker.

Last step, a new warming rack. And the basket up above, same deal and outside of a little scrubbing on the inside this grill could pass for brand new.


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