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Family Focus: Teen Drivers Costing You More

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Adding a teen driver could increase your insurance bill up to 50 percent. "Your son or daughter goes out there and has an accident immediately, which most frequently happens in the first 90 to 100 days, your policy is going to go up even more. It's important to understand that this impacts them, and it doesn't impact them for just one year, but for five years. It's going to be on that record for years," said Kim Albert, Minot Allstate Insurance Agent.

 In North Dakota, kids can get their learners permit as young as 14.

"At 16 you're three times more likely to have an accident than if you're 17 getting your driver's license. And five times more likely to have an accident than getting it at 18," said Albert.

It's important to talk with them about safe driving, and paying attention to the road without any distractions.

"We recommend every parent spend at least 50 hours with their children driving. Three hours with certain conditions, four hours with certain conditions, two hours talking about things that are really critical. Unfortunately, parents don't commit that kind of time to it, and they need to," said Albert.

Albert suggested signing a contract with your teen driver, a promise.

"It's a simple thing, saying as a parent, here's my commitment to you. And as a teenage driver you're going to make a commitment to me that you will not do these certain things and you will do these other things such as make sure you're driving safely, obeying traffic rules, regulations, but more importantly, you wont text and drive," said Albert.

When teens finally get their license, they can only drive between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., unless it's for work. High school students do need to complete a driver's education course before graduating.

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