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Do-It-Yourself: Door Locks

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All of us have one of these on our front door our back door, our garage door. A lock... it keeps us safe. We're going to talk about door locks today. What makes that key different from anybody else's? Why can't just anybody go into your house?

Well, let's look at the inside. There is a part called the cylinder. The key goes in and turns, but somebody else's key can't turn, and that has something to do with pins. Inside that cylinder, if you take that apart, there is a piece that works as your door lock. There are five little holes on top of that. What we need to do is find a key that will work with that and make this key work in the lock. Now, sometimes I can spend a lot of time looking for a pin, but I found some in advance so it looks simpler than it is. But the trick is simply to get a pin for each hole that will go in. Even the top when you put the key in it will bring the pins even with the top and then that cylinder can turn.

When there is no key in the cylinder, there is a little tiny pin above the cylinder that goes in the center and prohibits the cylinder from turning. So what we want to do is find a way to line those pins up. And if we take a key that does match the lock, they are all even and now it can turn.

The other part is can we re-key that lock, can we change it? Anytime you pull that cylinder apart and bring that key in, we can change it. You can even do master keying where one key works on several locks, but each individual tenant's key only works on one lock. But this is always relied on you bringing the lock into the store or having a locksmith coming to your house. Quickset has something new called smart key, new technology where you can actually re-key this lock at home simply.

In that smart key lock, you are going to get a little keying tool and you are going to get the new key and then put in the old key, turn it 90 degrees to the left, put in the keying tool, there's a little extra hole that key just slides into. Make sure it's firmly in, remove the old key and put in the new key, turn it back, remove the key and now at home yourself you have re-keyed a lock. You can do it daily. You can do it for special visits, and then go back and use the keying tool to re-key it to the key you like. Something very simple you can do yourself.

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