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Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: PetZoom Self-Cleaning Grooming Brush

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Grooming your cat or dog at home can be difficult because they're always moving around and the brush can be pretty rough on their skin and fur. But, there may be a quick and easy way to brush your pet pain-free.

In this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It," we try out PetZoom, the self-cleaning grooming brush.

It can take a lot of extra time and energy to groom your dog or cat, especially if they don't cooperate.

"Some seem to like it, but most tend to wiggle and try to swarm to get away from you," says vet assistant Jondrea Crawford, Pinkerton Animal Hospital.

So, we put PetZoom to the test. 

As we open the product, Stevie has no interest.  He actually tries to make a run for it before we even get the PetZoom out of the box.

There's no assembly required for the PetZoom, but there is a trimmer attachment.  It slides on. 

"He's a pretty good cat.  I'm not sure he's going to be super fond of the brushing.  But, he's fairly calm as far as cats go," says Crawford.

We start by rolling the PetZoom along Stevie's back.  He moves around quite a bit, but he doesn't appear to be in pain.

"You always want to, you know, go with the fur," explains Crawford.  "I wouldn't brush the opposite direction. That sounds unpleasant to me."

As Stevie gets more comfortable and begins to relax, it becomes a little easier to use the PetZoom.  And, the hair piles up.

"It definitely works really well for just regular brushing.  We're getting quite a bit of fur off, and it's not getting too clogged yet and still keeping clean," says Crawford.

Once we finish brushing, it's time to clean up.

"Just push the white button, and that moves the white part up.  Then, you can just peel this fur off," says Crawford.

We didn't try the PetZoom on a dog, but Crawford says she thinks we would have the same results.  But,  if your pet has longer hair, you may have a difficult time using the PetZoom. 

This week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It," earns a thumbs up.           

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