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Bakken Oil Expo Hits Minot

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From money management, to efficient cooking, to staying safe, there's a lot to think about when you work in the Bakken oil fields.  But a new conference in Minot is helping current and new oil fields workers adapt to the lifestyle.

 "We heard that this is an opportunity, a gold mine, a gold rush.  I don know a lot of people in the Oil Field still in Oklahoma and Texas, and they are all coming here," said Steve VanValkenburgh, with FPI Environmental.  Whether you're an Oil Producer, an Industry Supply Company, or a current of perspective employee, the 1st ever Bakken Oil Workers and Oil Service Expo is the perfect place to showcase your business, products, and skills.

 "There are a lot of companies that are moving into the area to meet the needs and they're here to connect with other companies as well," stated Michelle Williams, the Expo Coordinator.  Two Hundred Eighty companies from Canada and across 40 States are in Minot for the three day conference.  It offers seminars, demonstrations, and exhibitors like FPI Environmental, who specialize in solar powered lighting units.  "I was working in the Oil fields for a long time and when I saw the opportunity to come to the Bakken Oil Fields with renewable energy I thought that would be a good concept," VanValkenburgh said.  Originally designed for Military use overseas, VanValkenburgh saw the safety potential his product had in the Bakken keeping well sites bright during late night hours.  "When they are developing new equipment, installing new equipment, they work all night long.  I know that from my own personal experience, and that's where this comes in," he added.

And that's the unique aspect of this conference.  The fact that it's geared towards the men and women working out on the oil rigs themselves.  "One of the unique things is the focus on the oil workers themselves.  We talked before about the seminars, there's so many opportunities to get hands-on training, very inexpensively.  It's also a great opportunity for companies to send their workers out here and get some extra training," added Williams.  So whether you're new to the Bakken Oil Industry or a 20 year veteran, this Expo offers skills and knowledge for everyone.

Day two of the Oil Expo begins tomorrow morning at 9:30 and continues through Thursday evening.



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