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Bremer Outdoors: The Big Three

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GREG: "Hey Brent, why the long face?"

BRENT: "I got bad news today Greg, I wasn't drawn for the big three--the moose, the elk and bighorn. And Greg, what are the odds of getting one of those licenses anyhow?"

GREG: "Well, not many are drawn. If you start looking at some of the success rates,  your best chance is going to be for a cow elk, and that hovers right around 50 percent. A bull elk is 1.4 percent.  Moose is right around  3/4 of a percent of your chance of getting drawn. And bighorn sheep even worse, .03 percent.  So, if you have one of those once in lifetime tags consider yourself really lucky.

BRENT: Why isn't there preference points like there is for other game?"

GREG: "Well, with the amount of applicants and the low amount of tags that we issue, by the time you'd have enough preference points built up you'd probably be in your seventies or eighties for most people, and this is the fairest way that we found so far."

BRENT: "If you're lucky enough to draw one Greg, what is the success ration of harvesting one of these animals?"

GREG: "It depends. Elk is 60 to 70 percent, and actually my wife is the sad part of that percentage 'cause she had hers last year. You know with moose it's a lot better at 90 percent. Moose out on the prairie really stick out like a sore thumb and it's really easy for people to find them. Bighorn sheep you're almost guaranteed, it's right at 100 percent success rate for those."

BRENT: "Wow, that's great. Well, I think my luck is picking up Greg, because I got three twos."

GREG: "Really? I have a royal flush."

BRENT: (sighs) When it rains it pours. Remember, Bremer is taking action outdoors."

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