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Bremer Outdoors: Deer Survey

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BRENT: "Hello, I'm Brent Mattson along with my co-host Greg Gullickson from North Dakota Game & Fish and welcome to this week's segment of Bremer Outdoors. And today we're in the nice confines of the North Dakota Game & Fish garage here at the state fairgrounds. Greg, what a great facility you have here and thanks for hosting us today. But today we're going to focus on, there was a hunter success survey that was out for deer hunting last year, Greg, and let's get into that."

GREG: "Yea, we're actually coming back a little bit from 2011. If you look back at 2011, uh, deer hunter success was 51%. This year we bumped up just a little bit to 63%. We usually like to see that number right around 70%. And again, for those of you who turned in those deer hunting surveys we certainly appreciate it. There's a lot of things that go into deer management, and one of those is gathering that information from the hunters. Um, another main thing that we were able to do again this year with the snow cover that we have this winter is actually flying our deer aerial durvey. The deer proclamation will be finalized at the end of May. So if you have any concerns, anything that you'd like to share with the department, uh, drop us a line, shoot us an e-mail. Also, we have our Game & Fish advisory board meetings coming up the week of April 15th through 18th so make sure to attend those spring advisory board meetings. I know right here in Minot we have one on the 17th at the International Inn."

BRENT: "I was always hoping, Greg, we fill out those surveys and get a little extra credit, but apparently not from the Game & Fish" (chuckles)

GREG: "No, that's not the way it works, and, uh, I was a doe hunter myself last y ear so (chuckles) I don't even have any special pull."

BRENT: "Well, that's it for this week's segment of Bremer Outdoors. If you want to learn more about the Bremer Outdoor Team and how we're taking action with Minot area youth, just give us a call at the bank today. Remember, Bremer is taking action outdoors."

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