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Bremer Outdoors: Encroachment

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BRENT: "Hey Greg go there! Fish! He caught a fish! Let's go. Let's get over there. Hurry up! Say, it looks like you're catching a lot of fish there. Can we tie on with you? Hello, I'm Brent Mattson, president of Bremer Bank and a member of the Bremer Outdoor Team along with co-host Greg Gullickson from North Dakota Game & Fish. And our guest today is Ron Merritt director of Minot Parks & Recreation. And, and what you saw today was a spoof in regards to how people encroach on each other at area lakes. Greg, can you elaborate on that?"

GREG: "Yea, you know too many times we have complaints at the Game & Fish Department, either at boat ramps or about other people honing in on other people. Certainly that fish that you catch out there, or that you see the boat next to you catching, isn't the last one in the lake. And you know, give other people some room out there. There's a lot of lake out there. Even on small lakes. You know make sure to allow those other boaters some room out there. Show some etiquette, both at the boat ramp and on the lake. I think it will be less stressful, very relaxing time for you at the lake."

BRENT: "Thanks Greg for your input. Ron, thanks for helping us out today with a great fishing day. If you'd like to learn more about the Bremer Outdoor Team and how we're taking action with area Minot youth, just give us a call at the bank today. Remember, Bremer is taking action outdoors.

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