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Bremer Outdoors: Fish Handling

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BRENT: "Hello, I'm Brent Mattson along with Greg Gullickson, and welcome to this week's segment of Bremer Outdoors. Today we're talking about, I think, fish handling 101. And, and uh, a couple of things we want to talk about today is culling—where you got a fish in the livewell, and why you shouldn't release it once it's in there Greg, because certain things happen to the fish when it's in the livewell. And also handling of the fish too. Greg, why don't you elaborate a little bit."

GREG: "That's right Brent. You know once somebody's decided to put a walleye in the livewell, there's a few things that start to happen. You know a fish instantly goes into stress. A lot of times if you have a fish in the livewell, especially at the cleaning station, you'll start to notice some redness of the fins. Uh, a fish is under stress. And again, you know, a few things to watch out for, walleyes isn't that big of a deal, but you know, sharp teeth, sharp spiny dorsal fin that they raise in protection like that. Uh, you know fish have some really neat stuff, a lateral line, a dorsal fin, different coddle fins, and they're designed to really maneuver in the water. But handling that fish is really important. Uh, you know, once again don't go underneath the gills, inside the gill area is a really sensitive area. You know be careful around the teeth. Be careful around the dorsal fin. If you just caught that fish, try to get it off the hook as best as possible, as quickly as possible without doing damage to the fish. Often times the best thing is to cut your hook if it's in too deep for that fish.  That's one thing about fish is they're a very sensitive species. And, you know, once you've made that decision you're going to keep it, you have to keep that fish. There is no culling in North Dakota. No high grading. That's illegal. Once you decide to reduce it to your possession in a livewell, you have to keep that fish."

BRENT: Thanks Greg for your insight. And if you want to learn more about the Bremer Outdoor Team and how we're taking action with Minot area youth, just give us a call at the bank today. Remember, Bremer is taking action outdoors."

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