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Bremer Outdoors: Snow Geese

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BRENT: "Hi there, how can I help you?"

GREG:  "I'm looking for some goose hunting information."

BRENT: "Shouldn't you know that, you're that Greg Gullickson on TV from North Dakota Game & Fish, you tell me where all the geese are at this spring."

GREG: "My wife says I have a face for radio. Yea, I guess talking spring, uh, goose hunting. You actually don't need a license, if you hunted last fall,  you can use last fall's license. One important thing though, you do have to register with the Harvest Information Program And, you know, as in the fall, we get our fall hunting guide, in the spring the same thing. We do have a conservation guide that's geared toward that spring season. With the migration underway, uh, not only a great time to get out and see those huge flocks of snow geese that are traveling through the state, but to get a hunting opportunity out of it as well. And not only snow geese but right now the ducks, the other species of geese, they're all in their breeding plumage, so even if you're not going out hunting, take that drive in the country. That spring migration is certainly a wonderful thing."

BRENT: "Let's talk about maybe the phases here. I've got a blue goose in front of me Mr. Gullickson and some say they're a part of the snow goose family, explain that to me."

GREG: "Well in our proclamation the Game & Fish Department, the Fish & Wildlife Service, we call all snow geese, ross geese, blue geese, we call them light geese, and that's the way they're classified. And the blue goose is actually just a color phase of a snow goose. Now, I mentioned ross goose and how that is a total separate subspecies. If you get one of those, a lot shorter bill on them. A little bit smaller goose."

BRENT: "Well that's it for this week's segment of  Bremer Outdoors. If you'd like to learn more about the Bremer Outdoor Team and how we're taking action with Minot area youth, just give us a call at the bank today. Remember, Bremer is taking action outdoors."

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