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Hope Village Hits Major Milestone

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The 2011 flood impacted every river basin in North Dakota, but arguably, none as bad as the Mouse River Basin.  Slowly but surely people are returning to their homes in Minot.  More than 12 thousand Minot residents were evacuated during the 2011 Mouse River Flood.  The recovery process has been a long one, but it's made a little shorter thanks to groups like Hope Village.  And today, they celebrated a major milestone.

 Four thousand one hundred homes and buildings in Minot were damaged or lost due to the 2011 Mouse river flood.  The recovery process has been a long, but steady journey.  Made easier by disaster response groups like Hope Village and their partners.  "The Minot flood had done a tremendous amount of damage, but it does not have the last laugh and it does not win," said Hope Village Director Reverend Paul Krueger.  And Hope Village has the numbers to back up that statement.  Today, their board members met with one of the Minot resident they've helped, to celebrate the completion of the 500th home.

 "We took on a big task, and had great people to make it happen, so really in many ways it's unbelievable," stated Krueger.  In just 16 months, Hope Village, it's partners and volunteers reached their goal set in 2012.  "Each home is very, very emotional.  It means a family getting back into their home, for some its being able to say my life long home, like Cherie here, is back and I'm here," Krueger added.

 Cherie Mergel has been living in Northwest Minot since 1948.  Like many Magic City residents, she lost her home in the flood.  It's been an emotional road to recovery, but she's happy to be back.  "It's great.  People wanted us to move, but I said no," she said through tears of relief.  And she is just one of the people Hope Village's 4000 volunteers have helped.  They've had people come from 42 states, and donate over 100,000 work hours.  "Without those volunteers and the management system to make that happen, we would not have been able to reach this goal," said Krueger.  "I'm very thankful.  If it wasn't for them I don't know where we would have been," added Krueger.

 While the success Hope Village has accomplished is clearly visible, they know there work isn't over just yet.  The group has only 50 homes left to rebuild, but they're always looking for more help.  Anyone interested in volunteering their time to Hope Village can contact them at 701-500-5206.


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