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Healthy Living Today: Defense Against Ticks

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Ticks are everywhere. According to a new report out of the Centers for Disease Control, Lyme Disease affects 300,000 people each year, infecting 10 times more people than previously reported.

So how can we avoid tick bites?

The CDC says the best way to stay clear of ticks is to stay clear of where they live. Avoid wooded and bushy areas. Look for the pathways and stay on them.

Use repellents that contain 20 to 30% deet, which should protect you for a few hours.  If you prefer not to use deet, there are other repellents registered by the Environmental Protection Agency that can be used.  You can find them on their website.  

When you come indoors, do a full body check. Take a bath or a shower immediately to wash off the unwelcome pests.  And throw the clothes you were wearing in the dryer on high for an hour to kill any remaining ticks.

Always check pets.  Ticks love our furry friends and can move from a dog or a cat on to you in a matter of seconds.

And remember, just because it's the end of summer, doesn't mean it's the end of tick season.  These dangerous parasites love fall leaves and can last into the early winter months.

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