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White Supremacist Group to Visit Leith

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Life in Leith seemed to be going back to normal after the initial shock that a white supremacist had moved into the tiny Southwestern North Dakota town. However, residents were shaken up again Thursday when they learned that a national white supremacist group will be paying the town a visit.

Members of the National Socialist Movement, along with its Commander Jeff Schoep, plan to come to Leith on September 22nd and 23rd, according to a press release. The NSM is one of the largest neo-nazi groups in the nation.

"We've talked about a year in general for all of these groups to coalesce here," says Craig Cobb, a white supremacist living in Leith.

The group is coming to Leith to look at property it received from Cobb, as well as to assist in putting up NSM flags, according to the press release. Cobb is not a member of NSM, but he does support some of their ideas.

"I donated a building to NSM," he explains. "That doesn't make me a Nazi any more than if I give $50 to my Congressman I'm a Congressman."

"I support a lot of what they do."

The residents and Mayor of Leith are unsure of what to do in response to the visit.

"We'll probably have to hold another town meeting to see what we can do and get a hold of some more people and get their opinion on it before we make any decisions," Mayor Ryan Schock says. "I don't know if it's right or wrong, I guess."

"If they can legally do it, than that's fine. But hopefully, it's just quiet. I just want to keep peace in the area."

As we reported a few weeks ago, Cobb has quietly been buying property in Leith in order to bring in more white supremacists and those with similar interests. The NSM is supporting Cobb's efforts, according to its press release.

"We do have every intention to legally assume control of the local government as our numbers increase in the area, and more of our folk move into the town," Commander Schoep said. "This trip to Leith is a symbolic gesture of goodwill and faith, as we plant the seeds of National Socialism firmly into the North Dakota soil."

"If there was anything they think we could do to stop them from taking over the local government [we would], and as of right now there's not," Schock says.

Leith residents do not plan on forcing the NSM out, according to Schock. However, they will discuss all possible plans of action before the visit.


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