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When we were kids, many of us were lucky enough to get even a dollar from the tooth fairy after hiding our baby teeth under our pillow at night. In this week's Family Focus, inflation has even affected the tooth fairy.

 According to a new survey by Visa, the national average is $3.70 for a child's tooth, that's up 42% in 2 years. The days of silver coins under the pillow are long gone.

 "I wonder if I even got a nickel!" says Lorraine Helwig.

Visa says the driver behind the inflating prices is that many parents just don't want to say 'no' to their kids. One new Minot mother says it's because youngsters in school compare their earnings.

 "I think kids expect more because they know what their friends get, I feel like you have to keep up with what the next kid gets. My friends give their kids quite a few dollars," says Lisa Peterson.

 More experienced parents say children just expect more these days.

 "I think today kids get way too much. I think they need just a little treat, a dime, nickel, quarter. But, giving them 5 dollars, to me that is just plain ridiculous," Jeanne Barrie.

 One Minot mother told me she's been giving too much, 5 bucks a tooth.

"You can't buy anything with a few cents nowadays, it seems kind of unfair to give them 10 cents," says Janet Alvarez.

 Alvarez says it's just more exciting for kids to get that crisp dollar bill.


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