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Don't Buy It Until We Try It: Zoomies

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Whether you're at a football game or even out hunting, it can be hard to see all the action.  And, binoculars can be bulky and expensive.  Well, there may be a way to zoom-in wherever you are hands-free.  In this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It," I tried out Zoomies.

"Zoomies are advertised as hands-free binoculars," says sales manager Stephanie Stripe.  "They are used for distance and near vision.  It's geared towards somebody who has little prescription in their glasses, but they want a little more clarity."

Zoomies sell for about $10 and promise to zoom-in anytime, anywhere.  We got not just one pair of Zoomies, but two in the box.

"I'm hoping after seeing the Internet commercials for it that, you know, it makes your distance crisp and clear," says Stripe.

We pulled them out of the box and glanced over the directions, but weren't too impressed.

"They are more or less a plastic carrier for two lenses or four lenses, I guess, in a frame.  And, then, I can see they are a piece of plastic."

To adjust the focus, just turn the knobs on both sides of the frame.

"They change the focal length is what it does.  So, if you're looking at something really far away, you'll twist it one way and if you look at something closer, you're going to have to twist it.  It looks like you need to twist both knobs when you do this, not just one at a time," says Stripe.

It doesn't matter if you're inside or not, there is a toggle to adjust the tint of the lens.  

"We go from a tinted lens to clear and then back by flipping this switch," said Stripe.

Finally, it was time for Stripe to try on the Zoomies.

"[They are] large and clunky," said Stripe.  "They do have a pinhole effect that is just a certain small area that you can see."

It doesn't matter if it's reading your favorite magazine, looking for birds, or watching TV, we sometimes need a little extra help seeing things.  Now, I'm going to put on Zoomies.  I'm going to do a little adjusting.  When I zoom out, everything is blurry.  And, when I zoom in, everything is clear.

Now, I have to say after watching all that TV with the Zoomies on, I need to take them off because I am getting a headache.  Zoomies are very portable.  They come with a carrying case and lanyards to put around your neck.  But, they definitely didn't live up to our expectations.

So, this week's "Don't Buy It Until We Try It," earns a thumbs down.

If there are any "As Seen on TV" products you would Amy Fox to try out, email her at or leave her e a message on the KMOT Facebook page.


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