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Ramstad Construction Ahead of Schedule

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The 2011 Mouse Rive Flood devastated countless homes and businesses in the Magic City.  Another group that was severely affected was Minot Public School System, but things are looking up.  The new Longfellow Elementary School is up and running, and construction is still underway at the new Erik Ramstad Middle School.

With about a month until teachers and staff are able to move into the new Erik Ramstad Middle School, construction is still underway.  But, things are looking good. 

"It's exciting to come up here because everyday I see something different happening.  For instance, just walking in today opposed to two days ago, we have furniture in the office area and things are becoming completed throughout the building," says Ramstad Principal Ione Sautner.

Seen as an emergency need in the community, contractors have fast-tracked their work time to get this school ready for December 2nd, the date students will attend their new school. 

"I know our students just can't wait to get in here, so we're looking forward to that first day when we get to see the looks on the faces of those students," says Sautner. 

A lot of thought went into the new building, which can house 720 students.  The school is built to handle the projected growth in the Minot community.  The state of the art building features a new commons area, team resource rooms, and upgraded classrooms, everything teachers need to meet modern teaching practices. 

"Teachers at Ramstad have went through an awful lot and if any group of teachers deserves to have a building like this, it is the Ramstad teachers.  They've been just fantastic," says Sautner.

Next week, the library will be moved from their current location at the Minot Auditorium to the new building.  Classroom resources will be moved in mid-November.  The week of Thanksgiving, all the desks will be moved along with the kitchen equipment, those materials that are necessary to their occupancy at the Auditorium.

And, while there's still work to be completed, teachers and staff are staying focused on what matters most.  "The biggest concern of the Ramstad staff is what can we do to make this the best place for kids," says  Sautner.

The students that are currently at the Minot Auditorium have been there for a little over two years, where there are no lockers.  Principal Sautner said it would be interesting to see how the students adjust to using them, but she said her staff is ready to help the students anyway they can.



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