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Professor Leaves Lasting Impression

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She helped develop the University of Mary's communications department, taught numerous students, and directed many musicals and plays over the years. Now she's exiting stage left. Beverly Huschka has been a professor at UMary for more than 30 years. 

"To see how people have grown and matured and developed into young professionals that I can work with. I'm proud that I knew them. And I'm not one to look back as much as to look forward and see what can we do? How can we improve? How can we grow? That's more important to me,"says Huschka. 

Throughout her career she's gained the reputation of being hard but fair.

Nikkita Starr, current senior has had Beverly for both her Freshman and Senior year of college, and has a some helpful advice to incoming students.

"You have to be ready to take everything she give you and really, like, just remember that. And do what you're supposed to do. Because, that's the quickest way you're gonna make her happy, is just listen to her instruction. And she give great instruction. She knows what she wants right away."

Another senior, Theresa Mack, is inspired by Huschka's work.

"She's able to just stand her ground and say, 'I want this! I want this to happen. This needs to happen.' You know, just to have that, to know if she can have that foundation, so can anybody else."

Huschka has even helped a couple of her former students become teachers at Umary like Mike Chaussee.

Mike, now Communications Department Chair says it was a little different initially.

"The adjustment early on was interesting, to say the least. You know when you have somebody as a teacher. Then all the sudden you're a colleague. It was less awkward early on because she was my boss anyway. So lit felt like I might as well been a student. But over the years, I don't know, you go from, the student teacher relationship, to just being friends, and it's been pretty cool"

Chad Litton knows first hand that Huschka pushes not only her students, but fellow teachers to do better.

"I'm so very thankful that she asked me to do that walk-on part. Because it opened up a whole new experience for me with students. I get to have relationships with students as a peer rather than just as a teacher."

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