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Weight Loss Resolutions Approaching

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Cookies, cake, carbs and booze! These are all staples of the season. It's hard to avoid treats and stick to your diet while celebrating and attending holiday parties. To battle the bulge, moderation is key along with sticking to your workout plan.

New Years is quickly approaching and if your resolution is to get fit, Paula Buschta, group fitness manager at Anytime Fitness has a few pointers to help you stick with your goals.

"Once you make those resolutions and write them down, and have some goals for yourself, we recommend going to the gym with a partner. A partner is always going to get you off of the couch and out to the gym. Also, joining a training program or a group fitness program, like we offer, is something that we recommend because you have scheduled times to show up and your name is on the list and they're going to look for your attendance," she says.

Just having that extra push is sometimes all it takes to get in that good workout.

"Just you coming on your own its pretty easy to say ‘ohhh ill go tomorrow.' But, when you have a buddy to call you up and get you there or you've paid for a program and you know you've paid for a certain amount of days a week, somehow it gives you a little extra incentive to make sure you get in there and get your workout," says Buschta.

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. While allowing yourself treats during this festive season is understandable, you need to eat healthy to have a great workout.

"Workout all you want, but if you don't eat a little bit healthier and try to include fruits and vegetables at every meal, you are going to struggle with that. It's not going to go as well for you.  You have to think of food as fuel rather than just as what's delicious. That's kind of a foreign concept to a lot of us," says Buschta.

Keeping a food journal and planning your indulgence days in advance are ways to fight over-doing it in the sweets department. 

"What I would recommend is keeping a food journal. There are a lot of tools online that you can do that with actually for free. Just keep track, and if you know you have a holiday party coming up at the end of the week and you know you're going to have some drinks and some indulgent snacks and some desserts you can curb that by watching the rest of the week and maybe go lighter on some of your other days" advised Buschta.

Visit anytimehealth.com to start your own food journal and kick start your 2014 resolutions.

Anytime Fitness in Williston offers a variety of group fitness class options. Such classes include body pump, body combat, yoga, kettle bell, cycle classes and much more. There is a high intensity boot camp and a new program called Kiss 29 for anyone who is just starting to get into shape.


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