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Tech Talk: 2014 Preview

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2013 was a big year for technology. Gamers celebrated the release of the PS4, XBox One and the Wii U. Smartphone customers were introduced to wearable technology and higher resolution TVs hit the market. And there's more to come this year.

Last year was a year of innovation. And this year, many of those technologies will be perfected.
But consumers can also look forward to a few new products.

It was a year of better displays and wearable technology.

"2013 is going to be a hard year to follow up if you ask me," says Askia Humphrey, Best Buy. In 2014, what we are going to see is a lot of improvements on already existing things. There have been several announcements of essentially cheaper, I guess more affordable, 4K TVs. Right now, they're a pretty big hit on the wallet, but I think that's going to be the next step is making them more affordable and more accessible."

But, while 4K TVs will be more affordable this year, they may not be the first choice of big spenders. A new technology is bringing an even better TV to the market

"There's going to be even better displays coming out. The OLED, organic light emitting diode, TVs that are going to be curved. Sounds crazy, right? But it's supposed to improve immersion. The idea of you sitting at a certain distance from it, it's like having a surround display, as well as a surround sound," says Humphrey.

Humphrey says the displays will be thin, estimated at twice the width of a credit card. And the technology isn't just for TVs, it will also be used in cell phones and tablets.

"I saw a picture of a curved cell phone at one of those tech demos. I'm assuming that's kind of a take on the curved TV. It's going to have something to do with the ergonomics of putting it up to your face and looking at it."

2014 will also be a big year for wearable technology. Google Glass is expected to finally be released.

"A pair of glasses that are also a smart phone, which sounds like, once again, a pretty novel concept, but pretty convenient, I figure, to have them on there. They serve two purposes of course. They're your glasses, but also with a multitool built into them. You can check Google maps right there just from looking at it. You can check text messages. Things like that," Humphrey says.

The glasses are rumored to be released in the next few months, and could run about $1,500 a pair.

Computer users will also notice changes. Desktops and laptops will emerge that run on the Android operating system.


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