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Don't Buy It Until We Try It: Stream Clean

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Trying to remove stains and spots out of the carpet can be difficult, especially after it has soaked in.  Well, there may be an easier way to clean up messes within just minutes.  In this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It," I tried out Stream Clean, the stain and odor eliminator.

It can be hard to avoid a spill and clean up can be just as difficult.
"Time is usually of the essence. The longer it's there, the longer it just soaks into that fiber. So, the quicker you can get to it, the better," says Kayla Sanders, Carpetland Salesperson.

To hopefully make removing stains a little easier, we decided to try out Stream Clean. It sells for around $10 and promises to be a stain and odor eliminator.
"I don't know. I don't have good luck with as seen on TV products. So, we'll find out," she says.

We first poured coffee on a piece of polyester carpet. It didn't take long for the coffee to soak into the fabric.  

Then, we opened up the can of Stream Clean and began to spray the stain until it was completely covered. You'll notice the cleaner foams up, eventually penetrating stain.

But, we weren't too impressed.

"You can still kind of see it right in here and you can definitely see it right in there," says Sanders.

We repeated the same steps on a piece of nylon carpet. Only this time, the BIO 5 enzyme action helped clean the area.

"They are proteins, so they actually help break down any stains or odors that you can have."  "I would say it went pretty well on they nylon. There's only maybe two spots that it left," she says.

Next on the list, was something a little bit more challenging like mustard.

After blotting the spot with a clean cloth, we didn't have much luck.

"It doesn't say if it should be a one time try or not," says Sanders.

Now, on the front of the Stream Clean, it shows removing a stain on light colored carpet.  But, on the back of the can in small print it says to not use on wool, white or light colored carpet.

You'll notice there's quite a bit of residue left behind on both the polyester and nylon carpet squares.

"Not surprised. Mustard would probably be one of the tougher ones to get out," says Sanders.

Finally, it was time to crack open a can of pop and find out if the Stream Clean would live up to its claim to fame.  

Since one of the main ingredients in pop is carbonated water, it didn't take long for the liquid to soak into either carpet square.  

Stream Clean worked well on both types of carpet, leaving behind little to no stains.

"I would say with this cleaner, the nylon probably performed a little better than our second polyester just because of the stain treatment it has on top of it," says Sanders.

The tab on top of the can is very powerful. With not much effort the spot is completely covered with stream clean solution. While you can actually hear it dissolve into the carpet, it didn't actually make much of a difference on the polyester carpet. You'll probably want to find another product with better results.

So, this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It," earns a thumbs down.

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