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Inside Business: Vitner's Winery

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When you think of American wines, you probably think of California or Oregon. But you might also want to think about North Dakota.

The large wineries in Napa and Sonoma mass-produce wine by the tens of thousands of cases. At Vintner's Winery in Gateway Mall, owner Allan Fuller will help you make your own unique wine the old fashioned way, one bottle at a time, even using your own fruit if you like.

"We specialize in building wine for people." says owner Allan Fuller, "They'll come in and let us know that they've got fruit of some kind, one or another, and we let them know that it has to arrive here, and how much fruit they need to build a batch of wine for them.  We take it from there, and in eight to 10 weeks they've got a product that they can bottle and take home."

Fuller has been helping people create unique wines for about nine years. He says more and more customers are interested in personalizing their own wine for special occasions.

"If they chose to they can actually do a personalized label. We do a lot of weddings, and especially special occasions like anniversaries, family reunions, things like that, as long as they're planning ahead of time this is basically what they end up with," says Fuller.

Fuller says, that one of the fun and interesting parts of this business is being able to offer multiple varieties of wine by the bottle, and that the majority of the fruits are grown right here in North Dakota.

"That but that has actually taken over. That's the majority of our business now." 

But you don't have to do anything harder than popping a cork if you don't want to. Vintner's Winery also offers wine for sale by the bottle, and there are many different varieties to pick from.

"We offer 34 different wines right now that people can come in and purchase by the bottle. I don't mean like 34 different kinds of merlot," says Fuller. "With a winery license in North Dakota, 51 percent of what you produce at a retail level has to come from something that grows here. So you'll see a lot of our wines have chokecherries, rhubarb and buffalo berries.  We're really excited about a new berry called aronia berry. Its very high in antioxidants. It makes a wonderful wine. You can grow it here."

With the advent of new varieties of hearty grapes that can be grown in cold climates, Fuller is excited about the future of North Dakota wines. His dream is to someday open a full winery.

Vintner's Winery is located in the Gateway Mall and is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturdays until 5 p.m.

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