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Cold Weather Forever

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A lot of people are starting to get spring fever. It's been a long winter, and it doesn't seem like there is an end in sight.

Most of the nation has been suffering through this cold winter right along with us. It's the coldest winter Chicago has seen in the last 30 years. And Atlanta has been paralyzed by two massive ice storms so far.

Many people are getting sick of the cold.

"It's too cold. I'm originally not from here, so I'm getting used to it," says Timothy Dodson.  

"Well, it's the second year I've been in Bismarck, and this is the worst I've seen it. I'm originally from New York City. It gets cold, but not like this!" says Gregory Speller.

But while other areas of the country are experiencing a record-setting winter, North Dakota isn't ending up in any record books.

"It has been a rather cold winter. So far this month, our temperatures have averaged about six degrees colder than average in Bismarck. But overall, it hasn't been that bad," says KFYR meteorologist Henry Blakes.

The state hasn't seen much snow this year. At 25.2 inches, we're about a foot below normal.

But temperatures regularly dipped below freezing. And when relief came, it was often short-lived.

"I'm sure a lot of viewers are getting tired of the cold weather, because we've only had a few days of temperatures above freezing," says Blakes. "And once that happens, 24 hours later, we're back below freezing, and everything that's melted has refrozen. So, yes, I could see why people are a little eager for spring to get here. "

Blakes says the winter feels long, because of the prolonged cold spell. In reality, it hasn't been a terrible winter, but it's been rather active and cold off and on.

Saturday could be one of coldest high temps for March since 2003. High temperature predictions are as low as 2 below zero.

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