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DIY Sink Disposal

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First of all your disposer probably came with a little hex wrench, but if it didn't you can get one at any hardware store.  If things get clogged up, you just put it in the bottom here and turn the crank and unclog it.

The second trick is when what happens when we do have to replace that disposer? They are made by a company called insinkerator. If you have one the best thing you can is find another because if you are going to switch your disposer out that piece can just stay in the sink. You can just bring the new one over and attach it.

Wiring is a little bit harder. Many times the new ones have an outlet and you can run  a cord over and plug it in.

Sometimes there is no wall switch. Well insinkerator came up with something pretty neat, a button on the sink that you push.

Another ting people miss sometimes is when you have the disposer connected to your dishwasher there is a hose. But you need to pop open this tab by inserting a screwdriver in this hole and popping it out.

Then there is an accessory that fits into the sink that also fits right in to the disposer. They fit it nicely and seal with the rubber ring that surrounds it.

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