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Tech Talk: FiLIP Watch

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The world used to be a little simpler. Kids ran free and returned at dinnertime, and parents didn't worry so much. But today, parents are under more pressure than ever before.

It's a watch that does more than tell time.

"Right now, it's usually for the ages of five through eleven. It's a cool little product. It's a watch that any kid can wear. They can set up to five different users that they can either text or make phone calls to," says Garrett Kunz.

The FiLIP watch is helping kids be kids again, while giving parents an amazing new window into their children's lives. The device uses GPS, cell tower location and Wi-Fi triangulation to set up safe zones that allow parents to monitor their location.

"Let's just say you're at a park and your kids are off playing. It'll actually alert the parent if the kids enter the safe zone or if they actually leave the safe zone. So, it can keep their mind at ease. And their kids can go off and play, and they don't have to completely worry about them," says Garrett.

One mom says she wishes she had it on a recent Disneyland vacation.

"Wish we would have had it, because she got lost three times and we ended up writing in permanent marker our number on her arm. So, if we would have had this watch, it would have been so convenient, because all we would have had to do is click of a button and we could see exactly where she was in the park or call her and that would have been it," says Jill Kunz.

The Kunz family got a watch for their youngest daughter, Finley. But they're already thinking about getting one more.

"It's really unique, because you have a watch, and it's like a watch and a phone combined together," says Avery Kunz. "It's like, you should always have it. So, if anything bad ever happened, you could just call them."

Jill says the watch makes it easier for her kids to assert their independence. And it helps keep her mind at ease.

"Knowing they can call us at a moments notice, you know, if they are out somewhere and they feel endangered or need to get a hold of us, they can call us. It's just a press of a button and they can call us," says Jill.

The watch comes in four colors: Blue, pink, red and green.

AT&T customers can add the FiLIP watch to an existing plan for about ten dollars a month.


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