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Don't Buy It Until We Try It: Pocket Hose Ultra

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Gardening season is just around the corner. And as the remaining snow continues to melt, many are getting their summer supplies ready to go.

Rows and rows of fresh plants and flowers line the benches at Green Thumb Greenhouse. For Ashley Berry, it usually takes her six to ten hours to water everything depending upon the weather.

But, when it's time to turn on the hose, it usually ends up becoming one big wet mess.

"They normally get caught on the piece of concrete somewhere or they get kinked. So  sometimes, I can get them out by twisting them a lot. Normally, I got to walk down all the way to the other end, and get my kink out, and then go back to where I was," says Ashley Berry of Green Thumb Green House. 

The Pocket Hose Ultra sells for around $20, and promises to be the hose that grow within seconds. 

The accordion design automatically expands when the water is turned on. But first, you have to attach the Pocket Hose inlet to a faucet, which proved to be a challenge.

"Okay, I think we got it," says Berry. "Wow, I didn't know it was open."

Once we had the hose secured, it was time to attach a spray nozzle to the end of the Pocket Hose Ultra.

"It feels like the material is pretty tough, so I don't think it would get any kinks or holes in it," says Berry.

We turned on the water, and the Pocket Hose Ultra filled up and expanded quickly. Within  seconds, it was ready to use.

Berry says, "It's harder to hold onto and point it in the right direction.  So, the only thing is if it were maybe a little wider, it would be a little bit easier to handle."

When you're done using the Pocket Hose, you'll want to turn off the water source and drain the excess water from the nozzle, and you'll hopefully see it shrink down to its original size.

So, are we reeling in the Pocket Hose Ultra?

"It would be great for your house and your backyard," says Berry.  "It's a lot better material now, and it should work pretty well."

Now, I will admit, I love the original Pocket Hose, but I hated the light green color. With heavy use, it got dirty quickly. The Pocket Hose Ultra is more sturdy and durable. It's even available in different sizes too, including 25, 50, 75 and 100 foot hose lengths.

This is definitely a good tool to have around the house for your spring and summer yard projects.

So, this week's Don't Buy It, Until We Try It earns a thumbs up.



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