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Sports Spotlight: Century Soccer

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When it comes to girls high school soccer in North Dakota one of the teams to beat is Century High School. They have won two out of the last three state titles and are chasing perfection this season.

Girls soccer at Century has a growing reputation. This season being the defending state champions and undefeated going to state. There is more then just soccer on the line.

"There is always pressure being Century. There is always pressure being a defending state champion, and there is definitely pressure of we are undefeated, and we have a draw on our name. The pressure of going to state. The girls are thieving off of it. Our program has thrived off of it," says head coach Nate Ulness.

Part of that thriving success this season is from two seniors that have been around the game all their lives.

"I actually lived over seas when I was little, and soccer is huge over seas. In first grade, on the little playground I started there, then my parents put me in the little leagues and I've been playing ever since," says senior Lily Obrigewitch.

Joanna Jensen: "In third grade I started playing. My mom was an All American, so she got me started involved, and my parents have been really supportive. My brother plays so I grew up with it," says senior Joanna Jensen. 

Scoring goals and winning have been part of the regular routine in the last two seasons, but these two haven't always shared team chemistry.

"We were actually rivals for a long time, because we went to different schools for a while and weren't friends at all. We saw each other around school, weren't really fond of each other. I would say freshman year we started hanging out a little bit and playing and realized that we could be best friends. It's awesome because obviously she is short and I'm so tall. It's kind of awkward. It's a lot of fun and I love her," says Jensen.

As a friendship grew so did their game on the field. They have different roles that mix together for success.

"Joanna brings a big physical presence and size on the pitch. She plays the net center target roll for us. She always draws at least two defenders to her which is great because it opens up those players like Lily, Alexia and Taryn to be isolated one on one on the flank to really apply our playing style," says Ulness.

With the school year complete, winning another state title is what separates these girls from summer break, but it's the little things they will miss the most.

"We all grew up together. We all know each other, so that's fun," says Obrigewitch.

"Definitely being a Patriot. I mean the Century girls program is so strong and that is something I will miss. Playing here at the bowl and most of all the girls because we are all spreading out and going our separate ways," says Jensen.

Separate ways is right. Lily is headed to the University of Montana to continue to play soccer next fall, and Joanna is going to the University of Minnesota on academic scholarships. Century and Red River kick off the state tournament tomorrow at noon.

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