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Dan's Garden: Container Gardening

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When it comes to gardening, sometimes there just isn't enough room for all your plants. In this week's Dan's Garden, Dan Cashman shows us the art of container gardening.

I'm sure there's a lot of our viewers that don't have a garden space to plant things in in the ground, but almost everybody has a deck or a patio or even a front porch where you can grow things in containers. And that's what we want to talk about this week, container gardening.

So, there's a few things you want to know. You have to have a pot with good drainage in the bottom. Whether its plastic or clay or an inexpensive nursery pot, you can grow things in it.

Another thing, you want to make sure you get a real good, high-quality potting soil. There's different brands, but it should be light and not pack hard, so there's drainage. Usually, it has a lot of wood products and peet moss in it and slow release fertilizer.

Now, what I've done with this tomato plant is I've put it in the equivalent of about a six or seven gallon pot. I'm gonna take this home and put it on my deck at home, and I'll be able to have tomatoes right close to the back door.

And, you can grow flowers like hanging baskets or any kind of flowers. You can even grow cucumbers or peppers and veggies in your containers. Its fun, and it's the thing to do if you don't have space in your garden.

So remember, bigger is better. The bigger the pot, the less often you have to water.

Next week, we're going to talk about a lot of new vines, grapes and climbing vines, and it'll be fun.

Until next week, good gardening.

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