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Lake Isabel Storm Cleanup

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Kidder County, more specifically the north side of Lake Isabel, experienced extensive damage from a last night's storm. Residents there and in nearby Dawson were without power for hours, and today home owners were tasked with a long day of cleaning up.

The buzz of chainsaws echoes through the northside of Lake Isabel, and by the looks of things the noise will last for quite awhile. Branches litter the road, large trees are uprooted and at Vince Bitz's cabin, a branch pierced right through his roof.

"The adjusters haven't been here yet so I don't know exactly what's all going to come out of this, but it can happen very quickly. Just a little bit of wind and a few hours later this is what you deal with," say Bitz.

Cutting and cleaning up the debris is just a portion of what Bitz and his friend Vern are tackling. 

Not being around when this storm could have been a life saver for them.

Just up the road from BItz, Dale Schmidkunz is maneuvering his chainsaw through a tree limb that fell in his mother in-laws yard. She was stuck without power for hours last night.

"Nobody was seriously hurt. I don't think anybody on the lake was hurt either,  but the sheriff and his deputy were out here and went cabin to cabin last night to make sure everybody was alright and MDU worked all through the night and our power was restored by 10:30 this morning so I really think they did a great job," says Schmidkunz.

One of the biggest jobs on the lake belongs to Ray Laureta of Napoleon. He's cleaning up this large tree at his friends house which toppled over due to the strong winds.

"Cause we can't bring the crane in here to pull it out. We're going to have to do this one by hand. I know we're going to a lot more here. There is a lot of damage here on this lake," says Laureta.

It's been a stormy week across North Dakota, but the forecast calls for drier weather in the week ahead which will allow Lake Isabel a window of opportunity to clean up.

The National Weather Service says the straight line winds at Lake Isabel peaked at 85 miles per hour last night.

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