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DIY: Pest Controls

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In this week's "Do It Yourself" tip, Jeff Hinz from Kirkwood Ace hardware tells us about the many varieties of pest controls on the market.

First of all we know about D-Con for mice and other pests but like many items it's not safe for your pets or children. One of the options is Tom Cat. It keeps dogs and cats away, but has a little door where mice can go in and eat the poisonous materials.

You can look into various types of repellent items like Mole and Gopher repellant. It's a granule that you spread around your yard. You start by placing it around the hole and over time, keep adding more until they won't come back to the hole.

If you want to kill the rodent sin your yard there is a product called poisonous peanuts. You just take a few and put them in the ground by the hole and the pests will eat them and it will kill them.

The other option we see is smoke bombs. You light these, bury them and they send out toxic odors and gases. Don't put these under your house or trailer house, the vapors are harmful.

Other items used to repel pests include plastic owls, some of them even have moving parts. Another item is plastic spikes you can put on a fence so the birds can't land.

As for deer and dogs and cats that come into your yard, you can use these repellant sprays and granules made by Ortho. Make sure you don't put these by any edible plants though.

There is also electronic items like this that repel deer with an ultrasonic noise. I don't know if they work, but we sell a lot of these.


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