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Judge Motions to Suppress Principal's Confession

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A Southwest District Judge has ruled on a crucial component in the state's arson case against the former Trinity High School Principal, Thomas Sander, in court earlier today.

The defense motioned to suppress Sander's confession that was made during interrogations following the March 3 fire.

Defense attorney Jackson Lofgren argued the confession was made under coercion, and Sander had not been properly read his Miranda Rights by Dickinson Police Detectives Kylan Klauzer and Terry Oesterich.

Both detectives were subpoenaed by the defense.

Judge William Herauf said when Detective Klauzer stopped Sander from trying to leave, the interrogation turned custodial, which requires Miranda Rights to be read.

He then ruled everything after the first hour and 55 minutes of interrogation on March 4 to be suppressed.

"Up until one hour and 55 minutes and 22 seconds Mr. Sander was free to go, until that point any questions or any answers because it was not custodial miranda doesn't apply," says Herauf.

Herauf scheduled another pre-trial for Tuesday next week. Sander is scheduled to stand trial for the felony charges on July 23.

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