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Public Health Encourages Early School Vaccinations

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It's time to start talking about school, specifically school vaccinations. Physicians say students entering kindergarten, seventh grade and college have to have all their shots before going off to school, although no one really wants to get poked, it's the law.

Ava Nysether was a champ. She and her mother think it is important to get vaccinations done and early. Checking in at the front desk, she knew there was no going back.

Today, Ava, and mom Kelly, are getting vaccinations.
"Children at five and six years old cannot be reasoned with very well. It's not something that the parent can let the child decide," says Naomi Friesz of Burleigh Public Health.

Nysether says she and Ava cut a deal.

"We talked about it before we came, and she knows why she's getting them. So, I don't expect her to be brave about something like that unless she knows why and understands," says Nysether.

If she was getting poked, Ava could wear whatever she wanted naturally her regal attire was best.

Since the family was exposed to whooping cough on their vacation, Kelly decided to get herself vaccinated. Volunteering to go first, she says it was a little about being a role model.

"I've always hated them, absolutely. The first time I donated plasma, they thought I was insane, bawled the whole time I was in the chair. But I can't do that in front of them," says Nysether.

As a soon to be kindergartner, Ava needs to get four vaccinations that can be applied in two shots. Holding on tight to mom's hand, Ava got both her shots at once.

Ava says she understands the importance of the shots.

"So we don't get other kids sick," says Ava.

Physicians say the longer a family puts-off getting children vaccinated the more stress the back to school transition is going to put on the family. If a student doesn't have up to date vaccination records the school can send them home.

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