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Bakken Crude Similar to Other Sweet Crudes

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After a few fiery train accidents involving Bakken crude oil, some people concluded that that particular type was more flammable than others.
The North Dakota Petroleum Council commissioned a study to find out if that's really the case.

The council set out to find out what makes up a barrel of Bakken crude oil, and with the final data they say the state's crude isn't more volatile than other sweet light crudes.

The study completed by Turner Mason and Company, collected samples from seven rail terminals and 15 well sites from across the state.

The council's president says the study will help properly classify Bakken crude to be placed in the proper rail car, and that the crude was consistent throughout the supply chain, from being produced at a well head, loaded into a rail car and delivered to a refinery.

"I think that what we're doing here with this study and we now have the characteristics of a Bakken barrel if you can quickly move to a benchmark for the Bakken. We call it a B & N barrel if you see BKN stamped on that rail car then everybody is going to know what it is," says Ron Ness of the North Dakota Petroleum Council.

The Petroleum Council plans to present the outcome of the study to the Industrial Commission later this week. The commission could use that information to ensure best practices for oil producing companies throughout the state.

If you would like to see the full report you can visit,

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