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Railcar Backlog Continues to Affect Farmers

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The harvest has been good, but farmers are having trouble taking advantage of it. For months, grain elevators and farmers have been struggling to get crops to market because there aren't enough trains available to move them.
Despite the backlog, grain elevator companies like CHS South Central are working hard to transfer grain into railcars whenever there's one open. This elevator says more than 100 trucks used to swing by daily to drop off grain. Now, it's 25 or less.

"It affects us because we have to move the grain to make more room for producers. That is why when we get backed up and we sit here full, we can't service them and we can't obviously ship the grain into the channels that need the grain," says Josh Mardikian of CHS.    
More than a 100 railcars here are packed and ready to go but there's no telling when the next freight train will be coming.
And that makes it tough for farmers who want to get their grain to market. Craig Serr says in his family's 60 plus years of farming, they've never encountered a problem like this before.

"We wear many hats and it is frustrating when the bottom can be taken out of you in an unexpected manner. No one could foresee that we wouldn't be able to move our crop," he says.

Serr says farmers are taking all the precautions just in case.

"Nobody has said that it's going to be moving any faster. We can adapt rather quickly to some things, especially farmers know that this may be our new reality for a year or two until some pipelines get established or until the rail frees some space," he says.

Serr also says that farmers are saving more of their grains inside their own silos, but they don't have much room left. 

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