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Roller Derby Teams Find Fun, Family in Sport

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Twice a week, athletes in the Bismarck/Mandan area gather to practice a sport that involves skating around a rink and knocking into people. We're not talking about hockey, though. This is roller derby.

There are three teams in the Capital City: the BisMan Bombshellz, Bombzillaz and Bomberz.

In roller derby, two teams of five face off for two 30-minute halves. Players must go through a 12-week "fresh meat" program to learn the skills and rules before making a team.

"It's a great way to get yourself up and active without actually feeling like you're being active, and the derby family is just amazing. Just for being here for so short, they're already family," says Alexa Warnche, one of the players.There are four blockers and one jammer for each team on the track. The goal is for the jammers to get through the pack and go around the track. They then get a point for each person they pass when they come back around.

"It's amazing when you find out what your body can do when you join derby, or any sport really, but Derby definitely. It's like mixing the track of NASCAR, the speed of hockey, and the hits of football. It's's intense and amazing," says Danny Smith, a member of the Bombzillaz. "I encourage anyone to give it a try. We have doctors, lawyers, we have single moms, anyone can do it and make time for it."

The BisMan ladies compete in bouts against teams from across the state and Montana, Minnesota and South Dakota.
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